Calcium Hypochlorite (Sodium Process)

1. Product Description

Chemical Formular: Ca(ClO)2

CAS NO: 7778-54-3

UN NO: 2880

IMDG: 5.1


HS Code: 2828.1000


2. Applications

1) Water treatment agent: for drinking water, swimming pool and wasted water

2) Bleaching agent: for paper pulp, wood pulp, cotton, hemp, starch, silk, cloth, textile and chemical fibers.

3) Bactericide: for drinking water, epidemic area, fishing ponds, livestock places

4) Disinfection: for hotel, hospital and bath room, etc

5) Other: cleaning agent for fruits and vegetables, anti-shrinkage treatment for wool, chlorinating agent for rubbers


3. Specification

Style: White Powder, Granular, Tablet

Granular: 14-50mesh

Tablet : 0.5g,1g,3g,5g,15g,20g,30g,50g,150g,200g,250g,500g

Test Item


Effective Chlorine (%) 


Moisture (H2O)


Sodium chloride


Insolubility of water


Yearly loss of chlorine




Equivalent to Japanese Industrial Standard JISK1425-59(90)

4. Advantages

1) High effective chlorine content

2)Good stability. Can be stored a long time at normal temperature with little chlorine loss

3)Good solubility, less water-insoluble matters


5. Packages and transportation
1) Packed in 25kg, 40kg, 45kg II class drums (American drum, Round drum, Standard drum) with PVC bag inside, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 10kg plastic drums with 5.1 Oxide agent mark.
2) To keep away from humidity and direct sunlight, it should be properly sealed and stored under ambient temperature and good ventilation; also it should not be mixed up with organic, acid and reducing agent.