Benzalkonium Chloride 80% (BKC)


Benzalkonium Chloride is a kind of cationic surfactant, a nonoxidizing biocide. It can efficiently kill bacteria and algae, and control the algae reproduction and sludge growth. Benzalkonium Chloride also has dispersing and penetrating properties, can penetrate and remove sludge and algae, and has advantages of low toxicity, no toxicity accumulation, soluble in water, convenient to use, unaffected by water hardness.


1. Product Description

Molecular Formula: C21H38NCl
CAS No.:  8001-54-5 or 63449-41-2, 139-07-1  

EINECS NO.: 264-151-6

HS Code: 3402.1200


2. Applications

1) Water treatment: used as bactericide, killing green, black spot and mustard algae;

2) Oil & gas industry: strong biocide and algaecide ability, to prevent pipe from being blocked and rusted

3) Detergent: raw detergent materials.


3. Specification

Appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid


Test Item


Active content %


Amine salt  %

2.0 max

pH(1% water solution)



4. Packages and transportation
25kg, 50kg/plastic drum