Alkalinity Increaser / Sodium Bicarbonate


Sodium Bicarbonate is used to raise the total alkalinity levels to the safe (non-corrosive) zone, stop eye irritation, equipment corrosion and plater etching caused by low alkalinity, and stabilizes pH balance in pool water and eliminates the demand for unusually large amounts of pH adjusters. And enable chlorine to work more effectively.

1. Product Description

Chemical Name: Sodium Bicarbonate

Other Names: Baking soda, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sodium hydro carbonate

Molecular Formula: NaHCO3
CAS No.: 144-55-8

EINECS NO.: 205-633-8

HS Code: 28363000

Solubility (@20°C) : 9g/ 100ml in water

Purity: 99% min


2. Applications

1) Water Balance: Increase alkalinity level to the safe zone

2) Industry: for detergent ingredient, carbon dioxide foamer, leather tanning, pulp & paper, plastic, ore milling, metallurgy, oil well drilling and textile processing, fiber and rubber industry, etc.

3) Others: food fermentation, pharmacy, detergent of wool and agriculture use.


3. Specification

Test  Item



White Powder

Content of NaHCO3


Loss on dry


PH Value


Content of As


Content of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb)

≤ 0.0005 %

Content Of Ammonium Salt

Via Test

Clarity Degree

Via Test


4. Packages and transportation

25kg, 50kg/woven bag with PP liner